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Signing up for the ATG and ATC trading account is free. You can complete the first two steps without making any payment. You only have to take care of payment when you are ready to start trading.

1. Sign-up for a broker account on https://live.pantheratrade.tech/register. 

2. Subscribe to the ATG and/or ATC bot at https://pansaka.co.id/?r=10119812.

Connect the broker account with the bot here; 
ATG https://atgbot.co/login
ATC https://atcbot.io/login

Continue below to learn more in detail about what ATG and ATC are and how to sign up for an account.

  1. What is ATG 5.0 and ATC
  2. Trading Strategy
  3. Trading History
  4. How to sign up
  5. Start trading
  6. Contact and support

You can also use a Telegram Bot to explore ATG and get in touch with the ATG and ATC support team if needed. Link to ATG Bot – https://t.me/ATG_Registration_Assistance_Bot


AutoTrade Gold (ATG 5.0) and AutoTrade Crypto (ATC) are powerful Expert Advisors or “Trading Robots”.

A Trading Robot is a software program or algorithm that is optimized to trade a FOREX or CRYPTO symbol.

The symbol for which the ATG 5.0 trading software is designed is XAUUSD (Gold vs US Dollars). ATC is designed to trade on Crypto currencies including ETH, BTC, XRP & BNB versus US Dollars.

The ATG 5.0 and ATC Trading Robot will analyze the market conditions and determine when is the best time to open a “buy” or a “sell” position for XAUUSD or Crypto currencies.

The advantages of using an Expert Advisor (EA) such as ATG Gold and ATC Crypto are;

  • An Expert Advisor can trade while you sleep.
  • It is not vulnerable to emotions.
  • The EA reacts to quick market movements instantly.
  • It isn’t prone to human error.

The entire ATG and ATC sign-up process is free. When you have completed sign-up you can choose to add trading funds or wait.


Symbols (vs USD)Gold BTC
Minimum balance$100$1,000
Lotsize (auto-increase)0.01 per $1000.01 per $1,000
Trades per day1 tradeMultiple trades
Historical monthly profit15%-20%15%-20%
Difference between ATG and ATC

AutoTrade Gold (ATG) strategy;

  • ATG 5.0 trades on Gold against US Dollar (XAUUSD).
  • The minimum to start trading is $100.
  • The lotsize increases by 0.01 per $100 balance.
  • ATG only makes 1 trade per day.
  • If first trade closes in loss then a second trade will be made to try and recover.
  • The daily profit target is 0.5%.
  • The monthly profit varies around 10%-15% (see history below).

AutoTrade Crypto (ATC) strategy;

  • ATC trades Crypto currencies.
  • The minimum to start trading is $1,000.
  • The lotsize increases by 0.01 per $1,000 balance.
  • ATC makes multiple smaller trades per day.
  • The daily profit target is 1%.
  • The monthly profit varies around 15%-20% (see history below).

Both ATG and ATC;


This is the trading history of ATG 5.0 GOLD. We will try to update this image as often as possible. To see the most recent reports please join https://t.me/autotradegoldenglish

MyFXBook history

NOTE: MyFXBook is blocked in Indonesia and you will need to use a VPN to open above links. If you are outside of Indonesia then these links should open just fine.


Step #1: BROKER ACCOUNT (deposit and withdraw funds)

This sign up is free and does not require payment until you are ready to start trading.

Remember to add your country code when adding your phone number (e.g. +1 for USA or +61 for Australia).
  1. Create an account with PANTHERA https://live.pantheratrade.tech/register
  2. Once you are verified you need to open this MT4 account;
  • Broker = Legomarket LLC (registered name of Panthera)
  • Account type = GOLD (ATG) or CRYPTO (ATC)
  • Leverage = 1:500
  • Real/Demo = REAL
  • Password = your choice

Step #2: PANSAKA ACCOUNT (purchase ATG 5.0 or ATC)

This sign up is free and does not require payment until you are ready to start trading.

Open an account with PANSAKA https://pansaka.co.id/?r=10119812. After you are verified you can choose your subscription level;

  • Level 1 at USD 112 / trading balance $100 – $500
  • Level 2 at USD 224 / trading balance $100 – $5,000
  • Level 3 at USD 560 / trading balance $100 – $30,000
  • Level 4 at USD 2,800 / trading balance $100 – $500,000
  • Level 5 at USD 3,920 / trading balance $100 – Unlimited
  • ATG Robot Pansaka Level 1
  • ATG Robot Pansaka Level 2
  • ATG Robot Pansaka Level 3
  • ATG Robot Pansaka Level 4
  • ATG Robot Pansaka Level 5

After you purchased the Future Package you will get a subscription number. Copy this number and move to step #3.

You don’t have to buy the ATG Bot package right now if you are not ready yet.

Note: if at a later date you choose to upgrade then you only pay the difference.


When you have registered your PantheraTrade account (step #1) and you have subscribed to either ATG or ATC (step #2) then you are ready to connect both.

To connect your PantheraTrade broker account with your bot you either do this on;

ATG (GOLD) – https://atgbot.co/login
ATC (CRYPTO) – https://atcbot.io/login

The username and password are the same as your PantheraTrade account. Follow the easy instructions on the website.


When you have completed step #3, and you have a minimum USD 100 (ATG) or USD 1,000 (ATC) on your MT4 trading account, you are ready. The trading will be automatic.

The strategy is one trade per day on XAUUSD (Gold – USD). The target is 0.5% per day. If one day the target is not reached then most likely ATG will add a second trade to reach the target.

If the first trade of ATG is a loss trade then ATG will place a second trade to try and recover. Every trade has a stop-loss.


Share your questions below or contact us to be added into the WhatsApp or Telegram group for ATG 5.0 and ATC.

Telegram Bot for ATG/C 5.0 — https://t.me/ATG_Registration_Assistance_Bot
Telegram Admin for ATG/C 5.0 — https://t.me/autotrade_signup
Telegram Group for ATG/C 5.0 — https://t.me/autotradegoldenglish

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