Bluebird driver shouting at foreigner [VIRAL VIDEO]

Bluebird driver shouting at foreigner [VIRAL VIDEO]

Video footage taken from a taxi driver being very upset with a foreigner in Jakarta is going viral on social media.

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Apparently the foreigner was in error when hitting the Bluebird taxi and damaging the front bumper. The taxi driver is very upset and goes on yelling all kinds of abuse to the foreigner.

“This is Indonesia, not America, this is Indonesia!!!” the taxi driver can be seen shouting while the foreigner keeps calmly making a phone call. “You have to pay for the damage, you have to replace it, this is Indonesia!!!”.

As the taxi driver continues shouting the bystanders find this all very entertaining and can be heard laughing at the taxi driver. “No England, No USA, you know, I am not crazy, you crazy, I’m not scared of the Police!!!”


Video footage posted on facebook

Bluebird response

Teguh Wijayanto, from the Bluebird head office, confirmed the incident happened on Saturday, 28 August, around Senayan, Jakarta. Teguh said that Bluebird regretted the incident which they deemed to tarnish the company’s good name.

“Frankly we regret the attitude of the driver which is not in accordance with the culture of service Bluebird,” he told “We have tried to solve the problem, it has been good faith, by both parties to solve the problem,” he added.

According to Teguh, the company has also imposed sanctions on the driver. “The driver has been questioned, and has been given the appropriate sanctions in force,” he said.

Unfortunately, Teguh is reluctant to disclose the detailed chronology of the incident, in order to avoid unlawful accusations.

Perhaps the taxi driver lost his cool because they have a financial responsibility for damage to their cars during work hours?

Jakarta is not the only place that has hot headed taxi driver. Have a look at this taxi driver in the Bali airport.


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