Register IMEI number in Indonesia

Learn more about import taxes on IMEI and how to get your phone registered.

  1. What is IMEI and why can I not use my phone?
  2. How do I find my IMEI number?
  3. How do I register my IMEI number in Indonesia?
  4. What are the import taxes on importing a phone?
  5. Circular / surat ederan issued by the customs department.

1. What is IMEI and why can I not use my phone?

If you want to use an Indonesian SIM phone card in your overseas, imported phone or tablet, then it won’t work.

Before you can use an Indonesian phone number you will first need to pay import taxes on the estimated value of your “imported” phone (or buy a new phone locally).

How does the Indonesian government know if your phone is purchased in Indonesia or overseas? They manage to do this by checking the IMEI number of your phone (IMEI = International Mobile Equipment Identity).

Every phone has a unique IMEI number. GSM networks use this IMEI number to identify valid devices, and can stop a stolen phone from accessing the network.

If your IMEI is not registered in Indonesia then you can only use your phone with your overseas SIM card. Your WhatsApp, Signal, Telegram and any other messaging/voice apps will continue to work.

If you want to use an Indonesian SIM card in your phone then you will need to register your phone and pay the import taxes.

2. How do I find my IMEI number?

You can do a search on the website from the Indonesian customs department to check if your phone / IMEI is already registered in Indonesia or not; https://imei.kemenperin.go.id/

Below are a few methods to find your phone’s unique IMEI number;

  1. Dial *#06# from your phone. You will get a response with your IMEI number.
  2. Go into your phone settings and look for “about phone” to see the IMEI number.
  3. If you can open your phone; the IMEI number will be printed behind your battery.
  4. If you still have the box then the IMEI number may be on the box (sticker).
Dial *#06# to get your IMEI

3. How do I register my IMEI number in Indonesia?

You can register your phone / IMEI at the Indonesian customs office and online.

If you arrive in Indonesia then you can register at the customs office in the airport. When you go through customs you let them know that you wish to register your IMEI number.

You will need the following;

  • Your phone.
  • IMEI from your phone.
  • Your arrival flight ticket.
  • Passport.

If your phone is less that USD 500 value then there will be no import taxes. If your phone is valued above USD 500 then you will incur import taxes.

This is a YouTube video by the Indonesian Customs office on how to register your IMEI upon arrival in Indonesia – “Easy Way to Register IMEI at Indonesian Airport“.

If you have already entered Indonesia then you can also visit your nearest customs office. Before you go visit the customs office you will need to register online through this website: https://www.beacukai.go.id/register-imei.html.

After successfully registering online you will get a QR code. With this QR code you visit the customs office to process the registration.

4. Import taxes for phone.

The import taxes will depend on a few things. As a passenger you are allowed to carry 2 phones per person with a combined value of up to USD 500. If your phone(s) are not above the maximum allowed USD 500 value then you don’t have to pay import taxes.

If your phone(s) have a value above the allowed USD 500 then you will be taxed on the value that exceeds USD 500. For example if your phone is valued at USD 700 then you will only be taxed on USD 200 (700 less 500).

The import tax will be ~30% if you have an Indonesian Tax Number (NPWP) or ~40% if you don’t have an Indonesian Tax Number.

Breakdown of taxes on IMEI gadgets;

  • 10% import tax.
  • 10% VAT (PPN).
  • 10% income tax if you have an Indonesian Tax Number (NPWP).
  • 20% income tax if you don’t have an Indonesian Tax Number (NPWP).

5. Circular (Surat Ederan)

Open the following link to see the Indonesian language pdf document to circular concerning IMEI registration procedures for imported telecommunication devices issued by Ministry of finance – Directorate general of customs and excises.


Have you done the registration of your IMEI in Indonesia? Share your experience in the comments below so that we can update this information and help others.

46 thoughts on “Register IMEI number in Indonesia”

  1. Everything above is understood except one missing thing.

    I bought a phone 5 years befor and I’m using still and when I’m arrive I bring with me.

    How will they value my phone?
    Based on the original price or current price? How about the current price? From where they will pick up current price?
    Is it not a curious question?

    And then if they need to calculate Based on the original receipt, we need to bring the original receipt with me!!!!! Crazy!!!

    Hope you will have an answer on this. Enjoy

    • Hello Rosh, good question but we are not 100% sure. We are under the impression that the value is based on the resale value. Sorry to be unable to give a definite answer. We would love to hear from you after you have completed the entire IMEI registration process so that we can add this information to the above blog post. Take care.

      • I also would like to know about how they will value my phone. Is there any website in Indonesia which we can find used phone for sell? This way we might estimate the value of our phone. Thank you.

      • Hello Ketut,
        My son went to the Customs office in Denpasar, Renon, yesterday (17February) and the officer told him that the evaluation of his phone was Rp7jt and that he had to pay 30% of Rp7jt => Rp2.1jt. So they didn’t apply the Government rules! As you can see even the officials don’t even know their own rules, laws, directives… Can you tell someone in the Bali Customs offices that they have to apply the law? IMHO, if this law will apply when the borders re-open, there will be millions of cancellations of tourists trips as it will be on all the major websites bringing very bad publicity to Bali which the Balinese don’t deserve!

  2. I unblocked my phone with customs but it only lasted a month. My phone is bloNow I am carrying two phones again. Anyone else have this probmem

      • Thank you for your reply. Actually right after I posted I tried my SIM once again in my iPhone and it is working at the moment. But when I checked it on the government website it says it’s not in their system. So I don’ know how long this will last or if it was some random glitch. Have you heard of any time constraint for allowing foreign phones in the country? I am here on a KITAS so will be in and out. Terimakasih

        • Hi Mark this is all new but as far as I understand once you have registered your IMEI, and paid any taxes if your phone is valued over USD 500, the IMEI is registered in Indonesia and should stay valid for life.

          • Hi,
            I came into the country in Oct. 2020 and there was no mention of needing to register a new phone, but I had heard that it was necessary. My phone worked fine, but my wifes new phone did not work, I went to Simpati to see why it would not work and they fixed it and it worked great until yesterday. Now after 90 days it won’t work again and I just learned today that after 60 days you cannot register it anymore with Bea Cukai so essentially I have no way to use the phone. Do you have any ideas on how to rectify this? Thanks.

  3. This was my understanding also and you are right, if they took your money for taxes they can’t kick you off. I don’t know why my IMEI number doesn’t show up on their system but I’ve never checked it before now. I guess I’ll let sleeping dogs lie.

    • Thanks for sharing with us and please let us know if anything changes.

  4. Hi Ketut, i am currently on KITAS. I got my phone from my homecountry and didnt pay full price as i am on a mobile plan.. i only pay some upfront payments.. how do we calculate the value of my phone?

    • Hi Nadh, we believe that the value is based on the resell value, not on the buy it new value. However, we don’t know exactly how they calculate the resell value. We would be very thankful if you find out to let us know so we can update the post and share it with others. Good luck!

  5. Does anyone know which office I can visit to clear to the IMEI in Bali? Already registered online.

  6. Just give them a value less than $500 and if they challenge it ask why and how they asses value.
    If they do don’t challenge it then no import tax.

  7. I was away from home (Indonesia) for 8 months due to covid-19 restrictions. I was able to get the better chipset Note 20 ultra’s for my indonesian wife and myself while in Canada a couple months ago. Now I find out after quarantining at home, about this new IMEI deal. So unless i pay 50% tax on each phone (total $2,000 CAD) i have seriously expensive PAPERWEIGHTS. with zero exemptions or concerns about coronavirus. Sad. The only ones that this hurts is the indonesian people. By all means pay a tax, but 50% is ridiculous. So its try to sell the new notes…

  8. Just arrived after 5 month absence in Indonesia and my phone isn’t working anymore. I used the same phone before until April in Indonesia… any idea who I can contact?

    Why should I pay 40% tax if I haven’t imported a new phone…

  9. Hi Ketut, thx for your effort and all the information!
    I am using an notebook from lenovo with integratet sim slot for using a 4G/3G Data Modem.

    Does anybode knows about the situation on notebooks which can use a data sim? How can I unlock the IMEI of the Modem? And is there also to pay a tax.

    thx ina Advance

  10. My imie comes up as regitered but stopped working. The system does not work for me so far.

  11. Does this apply to tourists as well? DO I have to register my phone if I’m only stating 30/60 days?

  12. How to register imei QR code to indonesia customs by online. Because, we can’t go out to everywhere from our ship. We’re seamen. Please, give me indonesia customs link for send imei QR code.

  13. Hi
    What happens if you didn’t realize at the time that you had to register your IMEI at the airport on your arrival? Is there an alternative route for you to take to get your phone legally registered so that you can use an Indonesian sim?

    • Yes you can register online (see post) and then visit the customs office.

      • So you are saying that if you mistakenly missed out on registering at the airport when you first arrived in the country… you can still register online, get the QR code and can then go back into the airport at Jakarta and do what needed to register your IMEI? Where is the customs office if you have to come back to airport, say from Bandung where my wife is? Are you allowed back into airport customs? is there a number that my wife can call?

        • In Bali the airport custom department is inside the airport and only accessible by passengers. Outside visitors cannot register their phone at the airport customs department. In Bali we have custom offices in cities away from the Bali airport that are open for public and can be visited to register IMEI. I have never been to Bandung but went on Google and found the following https://bcbandung.beacukai.go.id/. Maybe you can visit them or first call them to get further info. Good luck!

          • Thank you for your reply.
            Would it then be possible for my wife to register her phone IMEI online, then send me the QR code for her and my son’s phones.. Then when I’m at the airport customs office registering my phone, can I then supply customs with her information, flight details, Passport number etc and resolve her registration at the same time?
            Sorry, just trying to resolve this mess we currently find ourselves in. Thanks again for your feedback, much appreciated

          • Hi Mark, Happy New Year 🙂
            I’m not sure if I understand what you are suggesting but you need to show your phone upon arrival to customs. Will you have the phone on you or is your phone already in Indonesia with your wife and son? If you don’t have the phone on you what you could also do is register online through the website but not go to the airport customs office (as I understand you will not have your phone on you) but visit a customs office outside of the Bali airport shortly after your arrival in Indonesia with the QR code and phone in your hand as well as your passport and boarding pass (don’t throw it away).

          • Hi.. Happy New Year to you too.

            No.. I will have my phone and all the details with me to register my phone when I get to Jakarta….. Im asking about my Wife and Son’s phones… they are ready in Indonesia and did not realize that they had to register their phones when they arrived in Jakarta Airport Customs…. Im asking if SHE now registers (already in Indo) and sends me the details of her and my sons phones…. Can I then register HER and my SONS phone at customs office in Jakarta when I arrive to do mine when I land?

      • Not after 60 days, there was no mention of this at the airport, I came home, wife’s phone would not work, took it to telkomsel, been using it for 90 days and now find out today that I need to register which I thought they already did and now I can’t do it because it is past 60 days so I am stuck with a phone that can’t call people. Please advise. I am in East Java.

  14. Indonesia more like Scamdonesia, So people coming for a mere 6 months or less can either buy a piece of crap chinese phone for data or pay 40% tax on a far superior Iphone 12 or other high end android? People visiting should have to pay 300-500 DOLLARS JUST to use the phone they paid for?

    SCAMDONESIA!, good thing I got a cheap vivo in ph that is registered for free so I can just leave it on hotspot in backpack and use my Iphone like normal. Get wrecked Scamdonesia.

    • You can continue using your imported phone using your overseas phone number or apps (WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram etc…). You can just not use an Indonesian phone number.

      • Yes, but you can’t get a data plan for just “internet” without obtaining a SIM card that is attached to an Indonesian phone number. You will only be able to use your phone on Wifi. This doesn’t help if you leave your hotel/home.

        You could purchase a SmartFren, or other hotspot device, from a local shop in order to get internet data. That would be cheaper than paying the tax, but also super inconvenient.

  15. Hi Ketut, Happy New Year! Thank you soo much for laying it out so clearly for us.

    I didn’t register my phone when I got to Bali – forgot about it. I have now registered online and have QR codes (two of us arrived in Bali and we have 3 phones between us).

    Do you know if someone can go to the customs office on our behalf if they have the QR codes? Do they need anything else? (Letter of authorization, tickets/boarding passes, passports etc?)

    The phones are all well below the taxable value (around 80 USD). Thanks for your help here!

    • You will need to bring your passports and the actual phones as well (in addition to boarding passes) so I am not sure if someone else can do on your behalf but maybe worth a try. Good luck 🙂

  16. hi Happy New Year..my husband is an OFW his mobile phone is OPPO A92 and not yet registered in indonesia..I do his online registration and i have the QR Code..Is that possible if will send it to the costums because he is in quarantine facility for his company protocol before going to there jobsite..

    • I believe you have to report in person to the customs office with the phone, passport and boarding pass with you.

  17. Hi Ketut,
    one thing I am Missing – or maybe I missunderstood something – on your site: You only have to pay tax if you stay longer than 90 days. I am here for business with my business visa. I am leaving after 60 Days and therefore no need for for paying any tax. The reseller of the SIM card made the registration of my IMEI. My telekomsel SIM works from the first minute. 🙂

    Happy new Year!

    • Glad to hear everything works and Happy New Year to you as well 🙂

  18. Why do we have to visit the customs office why can’t everything be done online

  19. I came back to indonesia and got a local SIM card. It worked perfectly fine. 2 months later I get disconnected and now Im finding out about IMEI registration. The problem is that I have 60 days to do so and afterwards it seems my phone is permanently blocked. Its a one in a million chance they said that this would happen but it did. Is there any solution to this problem?

  20. Does anyone know how this IMEI registration regulation relates to sending myself a phone from America via FedEx/DHL/whatever?

    More details:

    I’m currently in Bali and just bought a new phone in America from Amazon. I had Amazon ship my phone to a package forwarding service in America, because Amazon won’t ship cell phones to Indonesia. But now the package forwarding service is holding my package, telling me that I need to provide them with my “import license” before they will send my package to Indonesia. This doesn’t make sense to me — the phone is for personal use — but the package forwarding service can’t explain why they need the import license, they just tell me to contact customs here in Indonesia.

    Google brought me to your page, and I’m wondering if it’s the IMEI registration that the forwarding service actually needs. But when I look at the online registration form it asks for my flight information, and since I’m not flying in with the phone, I can’t fill that form out. Trying to figure out how to proceed here.

  21. how about for the gold . need to tax or not …. and how much we can take gold from other country …

  22. Ridicules . I arrived in Jakarta and found my phone not working . I understood later that I have to pay tax to use my mobile which I had bought in my home country . Had they thought what if rest of the world block Indonesian phones . Hope they change or lift this kind of silly bans and get back to the international standards .


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