How to apply for an SKCK

Update: you can now also apply for an SKCK online. Scroll down to the bottom for further info.

There are two major steps in getting your “Police Certificate of Good Conduct” in Bali. First is getting the “Surat Rekomendasi Catatan Kepolisian” document from the Bali Police and then the second step is getting the “Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian” document (in short SKCK) from the Jakarta Police.

Surat Rekomendasi Catatan Kepolisian

This document you can get at theĀ Bali Police Headquarters located on Jalan WR Supratman in Denpasar. When you visit this office remember to wear long trousers or they will not let you in. You will also need to leave some form of identification in exchange of a pass to enter (e.g. drivers license).

Documents you need to bring:

  • Rumus Sidik Jari
  • Copy of passport
  • Copy of KITAS
  • Copy of work permit (if you have)
  • Copy of most recent STM (Surat Tanda Melapor)
  • Surat Permohonan (original)
  • 3 passport pictures (yellow back ground / 4x6cm)

If you do not have a KITAS (stay permit) then you cannot apply for an SKCK.

Once paperwork is complete you go to the police office, report to the help desk and they will show you to the office where a police officer will process your application for this document. Normally it is done on the spot and will cost you IDR 30,000.

Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian

Once you have the document from the Bali Police you can apply for the SKCK in Jakarta (cannot be done in Bali). The paperwork required is;

  • Surat Rekomendasi Catatan Kepolisian (the one you got in Bali)
  • Copy of most recent STM (Surat Tanda Melapor)
  • Surat Permohonan (original)
  • 6 passport pictures (yellow back ground / 4x6cm)

Unfortunately I am not sure what the exact process in Jakarta is as I used an agent. This saved me the time to travel from Bali to Jakarta. It will likely also have saved me money on flights and who knows hotels.

The agent I used took 10 working days to complete the application for the SKCK. Leave a comment below if you would like the contact details of the agent and I will send to you.

SKCK Online

You can now also apply for the SKCK or Police Record online. This is the website where you can submit your paperwork;

Foreigners will need to provide the following;

  • Letter of application from sponsors, corporations, or agencies that employ, use, or be responsible to foreigners.
  • Photocopy of ID card and Marriage Letter if sponsor of Husband / Wife Citizen of Indonesia.
  • Photocopy of Passport.
  • Photocopy of Limited Stay Permit Card (KITAS) or Stay Permit Card (KITAP).
  • Photocopy of IMTA (work permit) from KEMENAKER
  • Photocopy of Letter of Identity from Police (STM or Surat Tanda Melaporkan)
  • 4 x 6 cm color photographs of 6 (six) sheets with yellow background, politely dressed, face-to-face, and for applicants wearing headscarves, photographs must be fully visible.

  • SKCK Indonesia Surat Keterangan Catatan Kepolisian Police Record Indonesia
  • Surat Rekomendasi Catatan Kepolisian Bali

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  1. Hello, I have worked in Bali in 2015 for 9 months. I need a police certificate to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence. When I left Bali the company took away my Kitas, what should I do if I do not have the kitas anymore? Currently I live in Canada, would I be able to apply online here ? Or should I find an agency?

    Could you please email me the information of the agency you used? My email is: Thank you!!

    • Hi Tom, I have sent the contact details of the agent through email. Please come back here to let us know how it went for you and if things have changed since we last updated this post. Good luck!

  2. Hello Ketut. Can you please email me the contact info for your SKCK agent? Thank you very much!

  3. Hello,

    I need assistance with a SKCK.

    I’m in Australia at the moment.

    Can a Agent contact me?

    • Hi Joshua,

      Were you successful with the SKCK???

      Please reach out and let me know if so.


  4. Good afternoon Ketut! Could you please send me contact details of your agent. Thank you!

  5. Hello, Ketut. Could you please email me the contact of your SKCK agent? Thank you very much!
    I couldn’t find who can help me with that


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