Indonesia Launches a Second Home Visa

Indonesia second home visa

The Indonesian Directorate General of Immigration, Ministry of Law and Human Rights, has officially launched an Indonesia second home visa policy. This second home visa will be available to apply for from 24 December 2022. The goal of the second home visa is aimed towards foreigners or ex-Indonesians who want to stay and contribute positively … Read more

Bali Digital Nomad – earning online in Bali

bali digital nomad work online

Digital Nomad Bali is a popular destination for digital nomads. The nice climate, relative low cost of life, decent internet speeds and the ever friendly Balinese people are a great place to get things done. Learn more about the new 5 and 10 year “Indonesia Second Home Visa” Read more … If you are looking … Read more

TransferWise partners with GoPay, Ovo & Dana

transferwise indonesia gopay ovo dana

TransferWise is a great tool for those who do transactions overseas. Their charges for transactions are always clear upfront and the transfers are usually very fast. It is also one of the cheapest ways to send money to Bali or elsewhere. TransferWise has now added the option to transfer into the following popular 3 Indonesian … Read more

Bali Rubbish Law & Penalties

Bali rubbish law and penalty

You probably can’t tell but Bali does have a strict law against pollution. It is for example not allowed to burn rubbish in Bali. The sanction if caught burning rubbish in Denpasar can be a 50 million penalty and/or a prison sentence of up to 6 months. These are extracts from a regulation in Denpasar … Read more

How to apply for an SKCK

Update: you can now also apply for an SKCK online. Scroll down to the bottom for further info. There are two major steps in getting your “Police Certificate of Good Conduct” in Bali. First is getting the “Surat Rekomendasi Catatan Kepolisian” document from the Bali Police and then the second step is getting the “Surat … Read more

How to convert from Spouse Sponsored KITAS to KITAP

convert indonesia spouse kitas to kitap

These are the documents and paperwork required to convert a Spouse Sponsored KITAS to a Spouse Sponsored KITAP. Perdim Surat Pernyataan & Jaminan dari istri/suami WNI Surat Permohonan Konversi dari istri/suami WNI Daftar Riwayat Hidup KTP Sponsor berlaku (Bali) SKTT (Surat Keteranganan Tempat Tinggal) dari DukCapil KK Sponsor Akte Nikah dari catatan sipil Lapor … Read more

How to apply for a spouse sponsored KITAS

apply indonesia spouse visa

Indonesian Spouse Sponsored Visa (C317) Below are the different steps to take when applying for a spouse sponsored visa. This is for a new application, not a conversion. Follow this link to download a copy of all the paperwork you will need to complete (opens in new window). Make sure to use a black pen. If … Read more