Top 6 most recommended travel Apps for Bali

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Bali has lately become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and with good reason. There’s a lot of fantastic stuff to do and see, such as volcanoes, diving locations, river rafting and a breathtaking natural landscape, virtually untouched by modern civilization. If you’re a surfer, you’ll be glad to hear that Bali is home to some world-renowned surfing beaches, where you can surrender yourself to the waves and show off your latest moves. And, of course – Komodo dragons.

It’s a pristine paradise, really. However, since Indonesia is a pretty strange land to us westerners, you should better be prepared. Traffic functions a little differently (including the public transportation system) and the culture itself is vastly different as well. It can be a bit of a challenge to get used to a new surrounding no matter what it is, and the fact that you’re visiting such a unique country makes it a tad more difficult.

Fortunately, with the help of some technology, you can truly minimize the hassle of finding your way around Bali so that you have more time and energy to enjoy all that it has to offer. These apps are a must-have if you’re traveling to Indonesia, so make sure you check them out.

1. Waze

First and foremost, you’re going to need a map/navigation app if you want to find your way around Bali and Indonesia in general. Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t work that well in this country, so you’re going to have to find another one. Waze is a great alternative in this case, and works perfectly in this region.

waze app

It has built-in offline maps and navigation routes, and perhaps the most attractive feature is that the Waze community constantly updates the maps with new relevant information, such as traffic jams, accidents or roadblocks. A really useful app, that’ll potentially save you a lot of grief.

2. WhatsApp instant messenger

whatsapp logoWhatsapp has almost completely conquered the instant messaging market in Indonesia.

If you’re planning on making friends with any natives, be sure that this is how you’ll be contacting them. This little chat program is incredibly popular there and almost everybody uses it. You’ll find that a lot of people also use BBM or LINE, but not nearly as much as WhatsApp.

3. Travelokatraveloka

Indonesia is a huge country, so if you plan to stay there for a while and travel around a bit, you’re going to need an app such as Traveloka. This handy little app contains tons of information about cheap flights, hotels, and it exactly tells you how much everything is going to cost, including tax and any additional fees.

Buying tickets and booking hotels is a cinch, only requiring a few taps and you don’t have to worry about your next flight or where you’ll spend the night.

Traveloka now also sells attractions at discounted rates. Waterbom, Rafting, Movies etc …

vpn4. A Good VPN

Just like many countries in the East, Indonesia enforces pretty strict Internet censorship concerning certain kinds of content, even for tourists.

Websites that you’re normally able to access might not be available in Indonesia (Netflix is a good example), so to make sure you aren’t affected by that, set yourself up with a VPN.

5. GrabGojek Indonesia

Ever heard of motorcycle taxis? Well, they’re very popular in Indonesia and they’re also dirt cheap, most of the time. You can travel up to 25 kilometers for a mere $3.

This app helps you find motorcycle taxis in Bali so you can get around and travel for very little money. It’s an absolute bargain, so we highly advise you to take advantage of this. It’s available both for iOS and Android. Grab also provides taxi services and even offers a food delivery service, if that’s the kind of thing you need.

6. The Bali Bible

Everything you need to know about Bali can be found in this app, seriously. The Bali Bible is the go-to guide if you have absolutely no idea what to check out and where to spend your free time, and has loads of various information for you, no matter what you decide to do. Restaurants, family trips, discount coupons – you name it, this app will set you up.


Although Bali is truly an incredible place to visit and we’re sure that you’ll have the time of your life, it never hurts to be a little more prepared. We guarantee that these apps will help you out in a pinch and surely save you some embarrassing moments, so just make sure to put them on your phone before you fly out to Indonesia and you’re all set. Have fun!

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  1. THis is great infor for someone new to Bali. Whats app has been the best tool for me. EVERYONE in Bali uses it!!
    THanks for sharing.


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