How to apply and extend the SKTT or Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal

NOTE: Rules and regulations change often. The information below was accurate at the time of writing. If it was different for you please share your feedback in the comments below.

What is an SKTT?

An SKTT or Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal roughly translates into “Certificate of Residence”. It’s a temporary civil registration document for KITAS/KITAP holders.

If you are on a KITAS or KITAP then you are required to have an active and valid SKTT. Your SKTT will include a unique NIK number (Nomor Induk Kependudukan or National Identification Number).

You need to apply for the SKTT straight after your KITAS/KITAP has been approved by immigration. Your SKTT will be valid until the same date your KITAS/KITAP expires.

If you’re extending your KITAS/KITAP then you will also need to show your about to be expired SKTT.

Where can I get the SKTT?

You will need to visit the Civil Registration office in the region where you live. The immigration office has no involvement with the SKTT (other than you will need one if extending your KITAS/KITAP)

The information shown below is valid for the Denpasar regency (Bali has 9 regencies) and may be valid for other regencies as well.

Several regencies allow you to apply and extend your SKTT online including for those who live in Denpasar and Badung (more info below). Other regencies may also have the option to apply online.

The SKTT is free of charge. Some villages may ask you to pay to provide the supporting documents.

What paperwork is required to apply for the SKTT or Surat Keterangan Tempat Tinggal?

  1. Copy of passport
  2. Copy of an active KITAS
  3. Copy of the e-KTP from your sponsor
  4. Copy of the latest Kartu Keluarga from your sponsor
  7. Colour passport picture 4x6cm (2 pieces)
  8. Copy of your work permit (if you are working)
  10. Location, opening hours and contact details
  11. Extending your SKTT
  12. DENPASAR – Apply online
  13. BADUNG – Apply online

Below are the clarifications on some points mentioned above.

3. Copy of the e-KTP from your sponsor.

An e-KTP is an Indonesian version identity card. Your sponsor is the Indonesian person who signs for your visa in Indonesia. This can for example be your spouse if you are married to an Indonesian.

Your sponsor must have an e-KTP within the regency where you live and where you will apply for the SKTT. Note that the e-KTP is new and some Indonesians may still have a traditional KTP (without the chip).

4. Copy of the latest KK from your sponsor.

A KK is the “Kartu Keluarga”. This translate int “family card”. This is a document that every Indonesian household has. This document lists all members of the family, their personal details and their relation ship (child, mother, father).

Click here to see what a Kartu Keluarga looks like (opens in new window).

5. Surat Tanda Lapor Diri dari Lingkungan dan Desa/Lurah.

This document needs to come from the village head of where you live. On this document the village head confirms that you live at your current address. This needs to be in the regency where you apply for your SKTT.

Although there appears to be no legal fee for this document there is a chance that you will be asked to pay for this. The charge may vary.

This is a draft letter of this document (click to enlarge)


This paperwork is given by your nearest police office. This is a piece of paper issued by the police that states your personal details and where you live. Normally there is no charge for this document but very often police will ask for a payment. This (illegal) payment will likely be something between Rp 20,000 – Rp 60,000.

You must give the original paper to the civil registration office although to make it all the more confusing the police will tell you that you are not allowed to give away the original.


This is a paper folder which you will need to use to keep all your paperwork together. You will need to buy this yourself. It can be any colour. It has to be paper and they are very particular about this. If you come with a plastic folder they will decline your application.

Click here to see a sample of this stofmap (opens in new window).

If you apply for the SKTT online then you will not need this.

10. Location, opening hours and contact details.

You need to apply for your SKTT at the Civil Registration office in the regency where you live (Bali is divided in 9 regencies). These are the contact details for the office in Denpasar. Click on the links below to see the Google Maps for the other 8 regencies.

Denpasar Office
Jl. Majapahit No. 1,
Peguyangan, North Denpasar
Ph. No. 0361 428 597
Opening hours 08:00h – 13:30h (Monday – Friday)

These are the other 8 regencies in Bali. Click on your regency to open a Google Maps link with contact details.


11. Are you extending your SKTT? Then you will need the following paperwork;

  • Your SKTT (original)
  • Copy of passport
  • Colour passport picture 3x4cm (1 piece)
  • Copy of the extended KITAS

12. DENPASAR – Apply for SKTT online.

If you live in the City of Denpasar then you need to apply for the SKTT online. This is the website:

You will need to create an account first before you can start the application for the SKTT. To create an account you will need to enter your details and attach a scan/photo of your passport.

After you click “simpan” (save/submit) then you will receive an email for verification. Once completed you can log into the website and start submitting your paperwork.

Login page:

A special thanks to SVB for sharing some updates to the SKTT application process. SVB has made a very useful overview of the SKTT online application in Denpasar. You can download the pdf file with clear instructions below.

13. BADUNG – Apply for SKTT online.

SKTT Online Badung Bali Kuta Seminyak Kerobokan Canggu

This is the website of the civil registration office for those living in Badung; . When you’re on the homepage you scroll down until you find “Penerbitan SKTT WNA”. Click the box and follow instructions. The instructions will only show during office hours.

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